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Want to feel more confident?

Want to ride faster with more control and decrease your risk of injury while riding your Mountain Bike?

That is what you will get when you take a lesson with a Qualified Mountain Bike Instructor at Dirt Academy.

Wether you are an experienced veteran or a complete beginner, you can improve your ability faster with help. Learn new skills, or build on those that you have.

Our lessons are structured to make sure you have a solid foundation of core skills to build on. Progression is important in Mountain Biking and learning or improving your core skills will improve every other aspect of your riding.

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Certified by the International Mountain Bike Association and the Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association.



“I met Aaron Lucy in February 2015 during a weekend of Ninja Clinics where I realized just how much coordination MTBing takes.  As a “roadie”, I wasn’t used to the ground moving beneath me, “bike and body separation”, and the plethora of other nuances of MTBing.  In the short time I’ve known Aaron and have had the pleasure of riding with him, I have made more progress than I did in the many months prior.  Aaron is an extremely skilled rider and coupled with great patience, this makes him a very effective instructor.  Moreover, Aaron is kind, thoughtful, and brings a unique sense of calmness to this crazy sport, which has contributed immensely in helping me grow my dirt skills and confidence.  I recommend Aaron Lucy and Dirt Academy emphatically regardless of where you are in your MTB journey.  You will thank me later.  I promise.  :)”

-Sochin Lee

“Aaron is the man. When our session first started, I was a little dubious of the “wax on, wax off” style cornering drills in the parking lot, but four hours later, when I was bombing switchbacks on Backbone at speeds I thought I’d only ever experience watching Red Bull videos, it all made sense. 

And all points in between were just great. He has a friendly, patient approach to teaching and great technical knowledge, not just of riding, but of bikes too. And most importantly, he taught me how to get Big Air, which was completely awesome.”

-Denis Faye

“Aaron is a very supportive and encouraging coach. He helped me with specific downhill and cornering skills that I had trouble with. He explained the techniques and was very patient in helping me work through it. Aaron was a pleasure to learn from.”

-Stella Tong